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Live with Spark

Explore Techniques, Secrets & Principles of live a Happy, Successful & Depression-free life

About the Event

Live with Spark is a motivational event. This event gives a strong message to people that “we must value our life as a wonderful gift of God”. This event motivates people to stay optimistic, fearless and strong to face challenges, setbacks and failures in life. It touch-base some important aspects of Depression. This event talks about taking several steps towards fighting against Depression and share important tips with people to live with spark.

What will the audience learn?



Inspirational stories of people who fought their setbacks, challenges, depression & anxiety


Techniques & ways to fight setbacks, challenges, depression & anxiety


Standards to follow for a more confident & successful living


Important tips to live with spark and be more successful in Life

Who should attend?

This event is for people who want to live & let others live a happy life which includes
 – Any person
 – Students
 – Parents
 – Employees
 – Entrepreneurs
 – House Wives
 – Senior Citizens

Who can Invite?

Any person who is inspired to create awareness can Invite us, including but not limited to
 – Schools
 – Colleges
 – Universities
 – Company
 – Association
 – Club or
 – Housing Society

Event Formats

Choose any one format:
 – 30 mins Interactive session
 – 90 mins Motivational workshop

Audience size: 25 to 500

Venue: Conference Room, Theatre, Meeting Room, Classroom.


Event Requirements

 – Conference Room

 – Chairs for participants

 – Microphone

 – FIREWALK Material (Optional)

Gaurav Warman Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Social Activist & Cyclist

Gaurav Warman is an inspirational Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Social Activist & Cyclist. Gaurav has 12 years of experience with blue chip companies like L&T Mutual Fund, Reliance Capital and ICICI group. He is highly qualified and certified in professional coaching and training. Some of the most prominent qualifications and professional certifications are:

  • PGDM, BIMM, Pune (04 – 06)
  • Kirkpatrick Certified Professional, USA
  • CFP, FPSB -India
  • Certified Coach
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Professional, FEIL